Deli meats for raw food — Delicious!

Raw meat eaters are not those who eat cheese, but those who eat almost exclusively raw foods that have not been thermally processed. This means that the meat and fish completely drop out of the diet, the bread remains, but only bezdorozhevoy and whole grains, no tea, no coffee, only pure water, and the basis of nutrition — dairy and vegetable products (vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc.).

Raw food can be considered a variant of vegetarianism, but even more severe. If carrots or cucumbers and we crunch with pleasure, that is, raw beets or potatoes are quite unusual.

However, in this regard, the raw food has its own theory: only raw plants retain and transmit to us the solar energy obtained in the process of growth. Biologists might argue about solar energy, but the fact that many vitamins and other useful substances are destroyed in the process of cooking in foods from heat is a fact.


Raw food is not suitable for everyone: firstly, allergies to certain foods, especially in raw form, may appear, and secondly, not all can withstand such a diet with diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys.

Become a raw food or not — this is your personal choice, and to prove that raw foods can be not just tasty, but even delicious, we offer a recipe for rolls that fully comply with the principles of raw food.

So, you will need:
celery (root) — 300 g
ginger — a small piece
fresh champignons — 5 pcs.
fresh cucumber — 1 pc.
Nori sheet — several pieces
vinegar — 1 tsp.
soy sauce — 1 tsp.
black pepper ground — to taste
curry — to taste
parsley finely chopped — 1 tsp.
paprika — 1 tsp.

Roll production technology
1) Celery and ginger finely chop and chop in a blender so that they resemble rice in size.
2) Champignons finely chop, season with the seasonings indicated in the recipe and let them soak.
3) Cut the cucumber into thin strips.
4) Nori sheets (such seaweed) — an integral ingredient in Japanese cuisine — can be bought today in our supermarkets. On each nori sheet, distribute evenly the ginger-celery mixture, over it mushrooms, and on top of them — cucumber strips.
5) Roll the nori sheets with rolls, while the nori can be slightly sprinkled with water to get better rolling. Give the filling rolls to brew for 5-10 minutes.
6) With a very sharp knife, gently cut the roll into rolls — you will get a very beautiful, delicious and useful delicacy, which you can impress guests who do not believe in raw food.

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