Chicken in onion sauce

Chicken in onion sauce



* Chicken weight 1, 5 kg.
* 5 large onions
* 2 bay leaves
* 10 peas pepper chernogo
* salt
* Vegetable oil for greasing


The chem huge plus of this dish ….
It is made simply elementary.
You just need to cut the chicken into portions, add salt them.
Grease the pan a little vegetable oil (just 0, 5 h. L.).
Onion peel and cut into half-rings.
Chicken folded into a saucepan, add the peppercorns and bay leaf.
Top with whole onions, salt and onion on top, put on a small fire, cover and ….. forget for half an hour.
The dish is prepared without a drop of water!
Hen will stew in its own juice and svoem in the juice from the onions.
Gently, fragrant, delicious!

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