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Salad “Intrigue and Love” – #Valentine`s Day

    Ingredients:   ● boiled beef ● onion ● mayonnaise. ● Canned red beans ● pickles ● potatoes ● tomatoes ● olives   Preparation:   Salad laid layers, into a suitable container in the following order … so all the ingredients are cut into cubes:

Holiday cheesecake with cherries -#Valentine`s Day

INGREDIENTS: for the dough: 240-260 g of flour 120 g of the curd butter 100g

Dessert Jelly “Coffee with milk” – #Valentine`s Day

INGREDIENTS: 500ml milk 500 ml of coffee gelatin 20 g sugar

Crispy crostini with smoked salmon – #Valentine`s Day

INGREDIENTS: green onion 2 tbsp 1 tablespoon olive oil soy sauce 2 tsp

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