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Mosaic cheesecake with dark chocolate — #Valentine`s Day

INGREDIENTS: for chocolate cubes: bitter chocolate 120 g eggs 3 pcs. 1 cup flour butter 3/4 cup

The best cake c almonds

INGREDIENTS: for the biscuit: butter 100g sugar 100 g 100 g flour eggs (yolk) 4 pcs.

Homemade raspberry liqueur with orange

INGREDIENTS: raspberry 1 l 1 liter of vodka sugar 1 kg oranges 1 piece.

Prunes in chocolate — #Valentine`s Day

    Ingredients:   Prunes b / 350 g; 200 g of chocolate; Nuts to taste; Preparation: 1.Vremya cooking — 25 minutes 2.Rastopite chocolate in a water bath. 3.Poka chocolate melts, do some prunes. In each berry on the stone seat insert nut of suitable size.

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