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WHAT IS SMOOTH? Delicious and healthy Smoothies for breakfast!

Surely many people have heard of smoothies. But they are not sure of their usefulness. Or do not quite understand their purpose. This article will dispel all doubts about these cocktails! smoothies delicious WHAT IS SMOOTH? Smoothies — a cocktail, prepared by grinding in a blender. Smoothies are made on the basis of vegetables, fruits […]

5 cocktails that will help get rid of excess inches at the waist and just please with its rich, refreshing taste!

  Save yourself! 📌 1. A wonderful fat-burning cocktail. Kefir and orange cocktail with ginger. On 100grams — 40.15 kcal🔸B / F / L — 2.57 / 0.24 / 7.39🔸 Ingredients: Kefir low-fat — 500 ml Orange — 1 pc Ginger — 30 g Cinnamon — 1 tbsp. L

Burrito with chicken

  Ingredients: Tortilla — 4 pcs. Chicken fillet — 200 g Canned corn — 4 tbsp. L. Pods of hot pepper — 0,5 pcs. Garlic — 3 cloves Green onions — 3-4 pcs. Tomato sauce — 3 tbsp. L.

Julienne with squid and mushrooms

Volovany with mushrooms — a simple and delicious hot appetizer. Favorite recipe in a few minutes. You can buy volosts from puff pastry, and you can bake yourself, and you can do it in advance. On the day of the celebration, the meal is ready and the dish is ready. Conveniently. Baking volosts are layered. […]

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