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Crispy wafer rolls

  Ingredients: Flour — 125 g Starch — 125 g Butter — 125 g Eggs — 3 pcs. Sugar — 175 g Vanillin Salt — a pinch

Milk dessert instead of ice cream for children

  Milk diet dessert prepared quickly and simply, and the result is a real treat for children and adults. It is delicious and, most importantly, natural, dairy souffle, which can be served not only as a dessert: delicious to add a couple of spoonfuls of the soufflé in a cup of coffee — an almost […]

PEACH chiffon cake

  For chiffon sponge cake: A diameter of 26 cm Flour for cakes (I have this) — 240 g Sugar — 240 g Vegetable oil — 100 ml Yolks — 100 g Protein — 140 g Water — 140 mL Vanilla extract — 1ch.l Baking Powder — 9g Salt — 2 g Creamy cream with […]

Classic lasagna with meat sauce

INGREDIENTS: for the dough: eggs 3 pcs. 3 cups flour 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 tsp salt water

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