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SOUP mashed carrots and watermelon

SOUP mashed carrots and watermelon #delicious soup recipe #Soup recipes Composition: carrots — 3-4 pcs. turnip — 2 pcs., natural yoghurt (such as «Assets») — 1 jar of 125 ml (those who observe fasting, yogurt excluded) salt, black pepper, vegetable oil

Soup kharcho

Soup kharcho #delicious soup recipe #Soup recipes Ingredients: Beef — 0.5 kg (bacon or meat on the bone) Carrots — 1 pc Onions — 2 pieces Tomatoes — 3-4 pieces Garlic — 1 clove Rice — 3-4 tbsp Tkemali — 3-4 tbsp Walnuts (core) — 0.5 cups Spices: hops-suneli, salt, black pepper, coriander, bay leaf

Italian chowder

Italian chowder   Ingredients: Chicken fillet (turkey or beef meat) — 150g Figure — 1/2 cup Carrots — 1 pc. Bulb — 1 pc. Tomato — 2 pcs. Chili pepper — 1 pc.


TRANSPARENT soup with chicken DUMPLINGS Soup with chicken meatballs soup + meatball recipe   1) The most «long-playing» ingredient we have carrots, because with it and begin. Depending on the size of its whole cut into rings 5-8 mm or first half lengthwise. 2) Finely chop 3 cloves of garlic and onion. 3) In the […]

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