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Dietary Belgian Soup Puree for Weight Loss

  It will take half a kilo of broccoli, a liter of milk and a curry dressing. Cook the cabbage in milk until cooked, then add curry, cool and grind in a blender. Soup is ready. Leek soup. You will need a stem of porridge, a piece of root of celery and ginger, half a […]

Cold tomato soup

If you like dishes more sharply, then to such a tomato soup, chili peppers are ideal. You can cut it and send it to a blender with a second batch of vegetables. Or you can add a dry ground chili. Serve this soup delicious with Greek yogurt and pesto sauce. You can also serve dried […]

Fat-burning celery soup.

  You will need 400 g white cabbage and a celery stalk, as well as 1 pc. Tomato, bell pepper, onions and carrots. Wash vegetables, peel and shred. Boil the water in a saucepan.

Dietary soup

For 100grams — 45.14 kcal B / W / Y — 2.51 / 3.11 / 1.73 Ingredients: Smoked meat — 150 gr Ham — 150 gr Sausages — 3 pieces Potatoes — 2 pcs. Champignons canned — 300 gr

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