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Low calorie mushroom soup with cheese (69 kcal per 100 grams)

You need to: 0.5 kg of mushrooms mushrooms 150-200 gr. melted cheese 1 piece of onion salt greens-to taste.

Low calorie “Cheese soup”

per 100 g-89 kcal Ingredients: Blend frozen or fresh vegetables 200 gr. 1 litre of water Melted cheese 100 gr. 1-2 boiled eggs greens

Cheese soup (with mushrooms and broccoli).

Ingredients: -Mushrooms — 5-7 PCs. -Cheese — 2 PCs. -Broccoli — 200 g -Potatoes — 1-2 PCs. -Carrots — 1 PC. Salt, vegetable oil for frying Preparation:

Dietary Belgian Soup Puree for Weight Loss

  It will take half a kilo of broccoli, a liter of milk and a curry dressing. Cook the cabbage in milk until cooked, then add curry, cool and grind in a blender. Soup is ready. Leek soup. You will need a stem of porridge, a piece of root of celery and ginger, half a […]

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