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Creamy soup with salmon

  Ingredients: Salmon fillet — 400 g Head, spine, tail of salmon — to taste Onion — 1 PC. Carrots — 2-3 PCs. Potatoes — 3 PCs. Leeks — 1 PC. Cream — 1 stack.

Solyanka with sausage.(Tasty soup)

  Ingredients: Water — 2 liters; Potatoes — 300 g; Onion green — 2-3 feathers (for broth); Onion — 1 pc .; Carrots — 150g; Pickled cucumbers — 2 pieces;


  Lovers of delicious and hearty vegetable soups I recommend to try this! Rich tomato flavor, great variety of vegetables, which makes the taste more rich, and tender egg cereal!! A great soup for a tasty lunch!!! Help yourself!!! Ingredients: 1 PCs large onion 1 EA — medium carrot 350-400 grams. — mushrooms 1 stalk […]

Lobio of red beans

  Lobio in Georgian means «beans», but this name also carries the dish of boiled beans. There are dozens of recipes for this hearty soup, and they are all delicious. Offer to cook lobio of red beans. You will need: 600 g of red beans 3 onions 3 cloves of garlic hot sauce or red […]

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