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  Ingredients: 30 g butter 2 slices of lean bacon, chopped pieces 1 kg venison, disassembled into meat and bone 1 large onion, diced 2-3 carrots, chopped into slices or grated 2 stalks celery, chopped slices 2 stalks leeks, sliced into circles

ENGLISH chicken soup with melted cheese

  Chicken broth — 1 liter; Chicken breast — 300 grams; Figure dlinnozёrny — 80 grams;

Mushroom soup in bread

  Try to cook a delicious and hearty mushroom soup and serve it in a plate and not at all in a tureen and bread! You can not imagine how it is delicious! To prepare the soup in bread for this recipe, take: 250 g mushrooms 70 g onion 100 g of potatoes 70 g […]

Light soup with chicken.

  Ingredients: -Okorochok Chicken 2 pieces. -Luk Bulb 2 pcs. -Morkov 1 pc. -Kartofel 400g. -Lavrovy Sheet 3 pcs. -Perets Black polka dots -hydrochloric Taste -Tomatnaya Paste 40 gr.

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