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Easy chicken soup with Thai accent. (weight loss)

If you allow yourself to experiment, you can create a masterpiece one day! Chicken fillet cubes 200 gr. Zucchini 150g. (Rings) Onions 50 gr. White cabbage 150g. Lemongrass, salt, spicy Thai chili pepper with seeds 1 pc.

Soup with noodles and seaweed

  Ingredients: — ’12 Dried seaweed wakame — ¼ cup soy sauce with low salt content — 2 tsp.. sesame oil — 400 g of solid tofu, cut into small cubes

Aromatic mushroom soup: RECIPE

We offer to cook mushroom soup from any mushrooms that you have at hand — be it as a store mushrooms and freshly picked wild mushrooms, both dried and frozen mushrooms. 600 grams of mushrooms (dried — less) 500 ml cream 2 onions and carrots 1 root and parsley bundle 2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Cheese soup with chicken.

  Ingredients: Chicken breast fillets — 1 pc; Carrots — 1 pc .; Potatoes — 5 pcs .; Cheese — 100 grams; Water — 2 liters; Olive oil — 3 tbsp;

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