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  Today it was the turn chanakhi — a thick beef stew with vegetables, which is stewed in a ceramic pot in the oven. Cook it very simple, because the ingredients do not require pre-thermal treatment — they just need to cut, put in a pot and send in the oven. There is a remark: […]

Cheese soup with chicken.

  Ingredients: Chicken breast — 1 piece; Carrot — 1 PC.; Potatoes — 5 PCs.; Processed cheese — 100 grams; Water — 2 liters; Olive oil — 3 tbsp;

Cheese soup with chicken

  My wife loved the cheese and creamy soups and today I want to show You one of them. Ingredients: 5 (or more) quart saucepan 500 gr. chicken 400 gr. processed cheese (for example, Hochland bath) 150 gr. figure 400 gr. potatoes 150 gr. carrots 150 gr. bow

Chicken soup «Turshu — Syug»

  Chicken soup «Turshu — Syug» — an amazing dish of Azerbaijani cuisine, reminiscent of green soup. Soup is easy, low calorie and at the same time tasty and nourishing. Chicken — 1 PC. Sorrel — 1 Puig. Spinach — 1 Puig. Cilantro — 1 Puig. Dill — 1 Puig. Green onions — 1 Puig. […]

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