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Salad «Full guest»

  Ingredients: -200 g boiled meat; -4 boiled eggs; -150 g pickled mushrooms; -2 pickled cucumber; -50 g of grated cheese; -mayonnaise and nuts for decoration. Preparation:

20 options the right protein dinner and flat tummy

  1. The usual omelette mix egg whites and milk, a few fresh tomatoes or a handful of any frozen vegetables such as green beans 2. Chicken on the grill, pre-marinated in lemon juice with spices served with salad made of any vegetables. 3. Cod, salmon or any other fish steamed with vegetables 4. Rabbit […]

Salad «Koolsla» — delicious and diet!

  Ingredients: Of red cabbage — 1 small head Cabbage — 1 small head Carrots — 2 PCs medium Canned corn — 1 Bank Parsley — 1 bunch Yogurt or sour cream — 100 g Apple cider vinegar — 1 tbsp

A light summer salad and only 20 kcal!

Salad of tomatoes and celery. Composition: 2 tomatoes 2 sticks of celery 1 tbsp natural yogurt 1/2 tsp mustard 1/2 tsp lemon juice Ground black pepper

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