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Salad with ham, cheese and vegetables

  Great recipe for a fragrant salad of ham, cheese, eggs, pickles, canned red pepper with a dressing of mayonnaise and horseradish. Serving 6 Cooking time 25 minutes Ingredients 300 gr. ham

Salad «May»

  Delicious, hearty salad. Can replace dinner. Instead of chicken you can use beef fillet. From the specified number of ingredients obtained 6-8 servings. Ingredients Salad May. Ingredients

Excellent salad “Holiday”

  Ingredients: Smoked chicken leg — 1 piece (400-500 g) Cheese — 200 g Tomato — 2 PCs. Mushrooms (small) – 300 g

Squid salad

  Ingredients squid 500 gr. marinated mushrooms 200 gr. eggs 3 PCs. cucumber 2 PCs.

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