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Lebanese salad «Tabbouleh»(weight loss)

  This delicious fresh salad can be served as a side dish, such as meat, or as a separate dish. The main components of the salad are bulgur (you can substitute cous-cous,millet,or any loose grains), lots of parsley and mint. Ingredients bulgur ( couscous,or millet) 100 grams parsley bunch mint bundle tomatoes 1 PC. olive […]

Herring under a fur coat «Modern»

  One of the options of salad «Herring under a fur coat». The gelatin will give it a stable form. Beet juice is not going to swim at the bottom of the dish, which looks more aesthetically pleasing. PS the cooking Time I give excluding cooking vegetables and pour salad in the refrigerator. Ingredients 1 […]


  Hot sauce, usually served with grilled fish or meat, based on boiled egg yolk, vegetable oil and green onions, appeared on the table of European for a long time. The history and recipe, and the name of the seasoning interesting and exciting. Tartarus was among the most famous sauces in the world, including Italian […]


  Ingredients: raw squid — 300 g carrots — 100 g cucumber — 100 g petiolar celery — 50 g egg — 2 PCs. sour cream — 100 g salt, pepper — to taste; canned corn — 50 g green onions — for decoration.

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