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  Ingredients: Chicken liver — 200 Grams (boiled) Green peas — 1/2 Glass (freshly frozen) Sour cream — 3-4 Art. Spoons Garlic — 1/2 Teeth (to taste) Egg — 2 Pieces (cooked) Pickled cucumber — 1 piece (small)


  INGREDIENTS: ● Smoked chicken leg — 2 pieces; ● Eggs of chicken — 5 pieces; ● Champignons — 500 grams; ● onion — 2 heads; ● Pickled cucumbers — 3 pieces; ● Carrots in Korean. PREPARATION: Eggs boil, champignons and onion finely chop and fry in vegetable oil. Salad lay out layers, greasing each […]

Salad with tuna and corn

  This delicious salad is very quickly prepared, does not contain excess calories, and with it you will always be in shape. If unexpected guests have suddenly come to you, you can use this recipe and please them. Such a salad is an ideal option for an easy lunch on a weekday, they can have […]

Salad from sea kale

  Everyone knows that sea kale is one of the few food products that can not be replaced for every person. But one is daily boring, so offer a simple, but very delicious recipe for salad from sea kale. Ingredients: Sea kale — 200 g Chicken eggs — 4 pcs.

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