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Easy Salad with tuna and vegetables: you can even at night!

Total per 100 grams — 46 kcal: Proteins-5 Fats-2 Carbohydrates-3 Ingredients: • Tuna canned — 1 can • Salad — 1 piece • Tomatoes — 4 pieces • Cucumber — 1 piece • Egg — 3 pieces • Green onion — 3 stems

Light tomato salad with basil

Cut the tomatoes into small cubes and transfer them into a bowl. Add basil, olive oil and lemon juice. Salt and pepper and mix thoroughly. If you like the recipe «Light tomato salad with basil», tell about it to your friends! Italian cuisine Preparation time 20 Cooking time 30 Difficulty Medium

English Salad, Be sure to try!

  Ingredients: Canned corn 285 gr Chicken breast 1 pc Champignon 500 gr Tomatoes — 3 pieces Sugar 100 gr Sour cream 150 g

Lioness salad — A simple but very tasty salad

received its name in honor of the French city of Lyon. Recipe image Lion’s Salad Ingredients Salad (frize) 200 g Bacon50 g Eggs2 pcs.

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