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Salad "Mouse"

Salad “Mouse” Ingredients: By fused cheese – 4 pcs .; -chesnok – 2 cloves; -morkov on – Korean; -mayonez. For decoration: -Cooked sausages, -masliny, -greenery.

Salad of corn and beans with croutons

Salad of corn and beans with croutons Ingredients: 1 jar of canned beans; 1 can of canned corn; 2 packs of crackers from black bread with smoked (with aspic, bacon, etc.);

Salad from liver

Salad from liver A simple salad, but very satisfying. Ingredients: Mushrooms, fresh or canned cucumber Beef or pork liver any hard cheese garlic or chili or mustard – who Acute salt, mayonnaise

Beautiful layered salad – “Two Hearts”

  Ingredients and preparation: Putting layered salad: Each layer is applied mesh of mayonnaise 1 Layer potatoes, vegetable oil, onion 2sl. – Pickle 3PL. – Boiled chicken 4sl. – Prune (steamed)

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