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Mexican salad with chicken

  Ingredients: Chicken fillet — 4 pcs. Cabbage — 1/2 pcs. Yellow sweet pepper — 1 pc. Cherry tomatoes — 10 pcs. Lemon — 1/2 pcs. Parsley and / or cilantro — 1 bunch Olive oil — 4 tbsp. l. Paprika — 2 tsp.. Cumin — 1 tsp.. Black pepper — 1/4 tsp.. Brown sugar […]

Goat in the garden salad with Korean carrot

Bright and delicious recipe! Highly recommend! When I came across the name of the dish: Salad with goat in the garden, immediately drew this recipe special attention. I wanted to know what kind of food with extravagant name! Of course, just a couple of minutes I wandered across the expanses of the Internet in search […]

Beans chicken salad croutons

Chicken fillet wash and finely cut. Season with salt pepper and fry in a small amount of vegetable oil. In principle, this salad can do without chickens. But I remained three small fillets with past meals. So she decided to — what good to disappear !!! Onions and carrots and my clean. Onions finely cut, […]

Warm chicken salad green beans

Beans boil in podsolёnoy water for 2 minutes, it should be more tvёrdovatoy, drain the water. Chicken fillet wash, dry, cut into strips. Fry in a hot pan in a little vegetable oil until tender. Onions and peppers to clean, cut into strips. In a frying pan add the meat from the oil, fry the […]

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