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“Cabbage in Guria”.

  You will need: – A head of white cabbage, – Beets, – Garlic, – Hot pepper, – Black pepper pepper, – Salt, – Cool boiled water

A delicious salad with smoked sausage.

  It is very easy to prepare and tasty salad. Three on a coarse grater raw carrots, cheese varieties, cut strips of smoked sausage,

Salad of smoked mackerel.

1 smoked mackerel (peel and cut into small cubes) 1 can of mushroom fry with onions 2 boiled potatoes

Puff Salad with mushrooms and ham

  1sloy – one jar Reza mushrooms, 2sloy – 2-3 boiled potatoes on a coarse grater, 3sloy – 150g of ham into strips, 4sloy – 3-4 boiled eggs on a grater,

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