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egci layered salad

117 kcal for 100 gr to create the cylindrical shape you can use a preset from a plastic bottle For 1 serving: 1 grated cucumber A piece of boiled chicken. breast 1 tomato, peeled

—Salad with chicken liver.—

Chicken liver — delicious and healthy product. But, to put it mildly, is not impressive, so on the holiday table chicken liver appears not often, except in the form of pate. Offer You a recipe of delicious chicken liver salad, and family dinner decorate, and at the gala dinner will look decent. Ingredients : fried […]

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  Ingredients: ●1 medium onion ●0,5 banks corn ●200-250g.Korean carrot ●150-200g.smoked chicken breast ●1 package of crackers Preparation:

Shrimp salad

  Ingredients: shrimp 500 gr potatoes 1 piece, carrot 1pc, avocado 1-2 part eggs 2 PCs, salt, gelatin 2 h l,

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