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Delicious snack. (weight loss)

Delicious snack. Grain bread, light cream cheese, avocado, tomato.

Granola bars — granola. Diet (weight loss)

  Recipe: Oat flakes-1 tbsp (75g) Apple — half (65g) Prunes-50g Raisins-15g Dried apricots-50g

Warm salad for dinner (weight loss)

  Ingredients: A tomato Bulgarian pepper Eggplant Boiled chicken breast Boiled egg Olive oil Condiments

Rolls «health» (weight loss)

For 100grams — 96.64 kcal B / W / Y — 5.03 / 6.95 / 3.96 Ingredients: 5 large leaves of romaine lettuce (cut the core on the leaves) 4-5 strips of smoked salmon 5 pieces of cherry tomatoes, cut into cubes 50 g of fresh dill 2 tablespoons chopped green onions Paste for putty: […]

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