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Green slimming cocktail — lose weight on health!

You can drink before meals or instead of eating. Apple — 3 pieces; Banana — 2 pieces. Lemon — ½ pcs. Or sorrel leaves; Lettuce — 5 leaves; Water — 1-2 cups.

Dessert, in which 2 (!!!) calories

  Required: water coffee Sweetener (I have stevia) gelatin cinnamon

Mixture for weight loss — easy and simple

The mixture is prepared in the evening before bedtime. 1. 1 part cinnamon for 2 parts raw honey. 1 tsp per 1 tsp. Honey is recommended, or for example: 1 tsp of chicken per 2 teaspoon of honey is also OK. 2. Boil 1 cup of water. 3. Pour the cinnamon and cover for 1/2 […]

What is after six, so you can lose weight?

  1. Easily assimilated products. These include vegetables, boiled potatoes, seafood, fish, sweet fruit. It is not recommended to eat yoghurts and broths, which are quickly eliminated from the body. 2. Low-calorie food. Try to leave a quarter of the usual daily ration for the evening, and use high-calorie meals until three in the afternoon. […]

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