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8 habits of slender: we lose weight correctly

  We are slaves to our habits, including food. Do you dream of getting rid of slavery and protecting your figure? Change! Psychologists say that to consolidate any habit it takes at least 21 days. Here also it is excellent: 3 weeks — exactly so long does not burden a dietary program which will help […]

7 Ways to Lose Weight at Night

  In fact, the person loses weight most easily in a dream. Conversely, the lack of night rest provokes an increased need for food. The body is trying to store the energy that is concerned about the failure of circadian rhythms in fat reserves, which will be very difficult to get rid of. Here are […]

6 tips on how to eat breakfast and lose weight!!!

  A habitual strategy for losing weight is to reduce the number of calories for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it is much more effective and more pleasant in this sense to work a literate breakfast program with a concentration on certain foods and ingredients. 1. Increase the serving size Yes, on the one hand, […]

5 options for the right meals — for health and weight loss!

Keep yourself Nourishing salad for lunch! On 100 gr — 125 kcal 🔸 proteins — 13,86 🔸 fats — 6,94 🔸 carbohydrates — 1,75 Ingredients: Chicken fillet 350 gr.,

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