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Cabbage pie for lazy

  Cake is easy, but it is very tasty. The fragrance is for the whole house! 500 grams of cabbage, finely chop and put in a pan or baking dish (I always cook in detachable form with a diameter of 26 cm). Melt half a pack of margarine (125 g) and pour them cabbage. For […]

Pizza, which is crazy.

  Ingredients: -Muka — 500 g -Water — ½-1 cup Butyric butter — 100 g -hydrochloric — 1 pinch -Sahar — 1 pinch -Pomidory — 4 pcs. -Baklazhany — 2 pcs. -Perets Bulgarian — 1 pc.

Pide with cheese, tomato and egg

  Pide — traditional Turkish dish that in its composition is very similar to the pizza, but it turns out more juicy and flavorful! Learn how to cook pide! Servings: 6. cooking Difficulty: easy. Ingredients: Egg 8 units. Sour cream 1 tablespoon Vegetable oil 1.5 tbsp 250 ml of water. Yeast 6 g Flour 400 […]

Pasta with cheese sauce.

  Ingredients: 450g of pasta, any shape 1.5 teacup 2% milk 2 tablespoons flour 2-3 cups grated cheddar cheese 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon powdered mustard A method for preparing a creamy paste:

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