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Cabbage pie

  Ingredients: 500 g cabbage 3 eggs 5 Art. l. sour cream 3 tbsp. l. mayonnaise 6 tablespoons. l. flour 1 tsp salt 2 tsp baking powder dill, parsley, if desired sesame seeds if desired Preparation:

Baked ravioli “lazy wife”

  Ingredients: – 800 g of frozen dumplings – 2-3 pieces of onion – 100 grams of cheese – 4 chicken eggs – 250 g of mayonnaise – 1-2 teaspoon salt. – 1 pinch of pepper – Herbs to taste Preparation:

Sausage yeast dough

  For this recipe you will need: 1. yeast dough for your favorite recipe 2. sausage (I replaced the sausage boiled sausage, which has cut into wedges). The ingredients for my favorite test (About 18-20 in sausage dough): Flour – 500 g (you may take a little more or less, because the caliber of meal […]

9 gravy recipes for pasta

  1.Slivochnaya sauce for pasta with tomatoes You will need: -Multiple cloves of garlic, a pair of bulbs, -stakan heavy cream or sour cream, -polkilo tomatoes, -basil, -olive oil, -lozhka butter, -salt, -pepper, -Slightly dried lemon balm, -lozhka sugar.

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