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Delicious cheese pie

Believe me, there’s nothing better! Milk — 200 ml Yeast (dry) — 1.5 tsp Butter (in the dough — 50g;. For lubrication layers — 120 gr.) -170 Egg — 1 pc. Egg yolk 1 piece.

Pizza with cherry tomatoes and basil

  This pizza — a version of the world famous margaritas, but not with mozzarella and parmesan. Cherry tomatoes gives a unique richness and full-bodied taste and basil adds a harmony of flavors. The ingredients will be enough for 2 large pizzas, so that in turn 2 servings of good pieces.   Wheat flour 500g […]

Spaghetti «Bolognese» with minced Italian

  INGREDIENTS: Spaghetti 500 g minced beef 400 g beef broth 300 ml Pork 200 g dry white wine 150ml

MEDITERRANEAN tuna sandwich

  Ingredients: small baguette — 1 pcs. marinated artichokes — 2 pcs. Canned tuna — 1 can tomatoes — 1 pc. Provolone — 70 g

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