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Hot sandwiches

  Ingredients: 1 egg 1st.l. mayonnaise 1H.l. tomato paste 1 sausage(or sausage that you like) a piece of cheese bread

Hot sandwiches with mushrooms

  Ingredients: Baguette — 1 PC. Mushrooms — 400 g Cheese — 150 g Mayonnaise Preparation:

Cheese cakes with greens

  These delicious scones can be prepared not only with greenery but also with finely chopped ham, olives, sun-dried tomatoes. For frying it is better to take a small pan to make it easier to flip the tortillas. We need: Sour cream 15-20% — 300 g Eggs -3 PCs. Hard cheese – 200 g Flour […]


  Hot sandwiches on the table are becoming increasingly popular. But really, it’s great for parties and evenings in with family, and also to just get together with friends over a Cup of tea. Ingredients: Bread — 4 piece Tomato — 1 piece Mozzarella — 150 g Pesto sauce — 4 tbsp Pepper — to […]

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