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Pancakes with cottage cheese and fruit filling

Ingredients: flour – 2 cups egg – 3 pieces. Milk – 2 cups granulated sugar – 7 tablespoons vegetable oil – 7 tablespoons cottage cheese – 200 g cream – 100 ml seasonal fruit platter

Dumplings, who never boil soft

  This recipe is ideally suited to those who do not like When the dough into dumplings or too thick elastic-zhestkoe.Vareniki prepared for this recipe never boil soft, cooked very quickly (4-5minut after boiling), the dough can be rolled sooo thin that I and do Stuffing can take any, as it is possible from this […]

Pancakes, melt in your mouth!

You will need: -200 Grams of milk, -3 eggs, -50 G of flour (or 2 tablespoons with a large slide) -2 Tsp butter (melted) -1 Tablespoon Sahara, -a pinch of salt,

Banana fritters

Ingredients: Egg – 2 pcs. Bananas – 2 pcs. Spices – to taste

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