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  Key ingredients Ingredients 400g minced meat 2 pcs. bow 4 cloves garlic 150 g fresh herbs (parsley, cilantro) Article 1.5. water 3 pcs. chicken eggs 1 tsp salt

Chicken cutlets with oat flakes

  Superpyshnye patties of minced chicken with oat flakes Why I love burgers minced chicken with oat flakes, so it’s a fact that even from such a diet of meat, like chicken, they get very juicy. Because, unfortunately, many dishes of chicken gets a little dryish, but this is not the recipe! Try it, you […]

Very lazy dumplings

  Ingredients: — 3 cups flour, — 1 egg, — 2/3 cup water, — 1/2 teaspoon of salt. — Meat, — bow, — Salt, — Peppers.

Pancakes (recipe 2)

  Ingredients: Milk — 500 ml Flour — 200 g Chicken Eggs — 2 pcs. Butter — 60 g Sugar — 1 tbsp. l. Salt — a pinch

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