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Recipe for Sunday breakfast: pancakes with caramel-orange sauce and fresh berries

    Sunday morning is the ideal time to get up early and prepare a large pile of pancakes for your loved ones, remembering family traditions. Fry pancakes offer to crunch and serve in French manners — with orange-caramel sauce. Ingredients: Flour — 350 g Eggs — 4 pcs. Salt — 5 g Sugar — […]

Dietary delicious Carrot-coconut pancakes

  A total of 100 grams 218 kcal B/W/Y 6.8 / 10.5 / 23 Ingredients: — 1 Cup wholegrain flour (you can take ground oatmeal) — 1/4 Cup coconut — 1.5 teaspoon of baking powder — 1 Cup of skim milk — 1/2 Cup grated carrots — 2 tablespoons chopped walnuts — stevia to taste

Incredibly lavish pancakes!

  Ingredients: Flour — 350-400 g Egg — 1 pc. Milk — 500 ml Dry yeast — 1 tsp. Sugar — 2-3 tbsp. L. Salt — 0.5 tsp. Vegetable oil for frying Preparation:

Mexican sandwich — Everything is very fast, but delicious. Consume.

I saw enough about the food and was inspired to prepare a terrific sandwich. Mexican sandwich — a snack for four people, a perfect dinner or a light supper. All ingredients are impregnated with the spirit of Mexican cuisine: guacamole sauce, hot loaf, crispy bacon and mouth-watering ruddy chicken. Everything is very fast, but delicious. […]

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