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The most delicious burgers in the world

The most delicious burgers in the world

  Ingredients: -Farsh Turkey or chicken (I cook turkey) — 800 grams; Mans cereal — 4 tablespoons; -Smetana — 2 tablespoons; -Yaytso — 1 piece; -Petrushka, Dill — 3-4 blades of grass;

 Orange pancakes.

  Bake the required number of pancakes on the basic recipe (British pancakes). Then make orange oil (12 pancakes): 100g unsalted butter, finely grated zest of 1 orange 3 tbsp. tablespoons of powdered sugar. Beat the butter with orange zest and icing sugar, spread a thin layer of butter on each pancake, folded triangles pancakes […]

HOW pancakes my grandmother

  The most favorite recipe Ingredients: ● 500g. flour ● 20 gr. fresh yeast or 2 hours. l. dry yeast ● 2 cups of warm milk (I take about 450 ml) ● 2 medium eggs ● 1 pack vanilla sugar


Recipe to every morning! Simple, fast and delicious! Save yourself against the wall, so as not to lose! Ingredients: — 400ml buttermilk — 300g flour

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