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Beautiful layered salad — «Two Hearts»

  Ingredients and preparation: Putting layered salad: Each layer is applied mesh of mayonnaise 1 Layer potatoes, vegetable oil, onion 2sl. — Pickle 3PL. — Boiled chicken 4sl. — Prune (steamed)

Very tasty casserole of cabbage

Very tasty casserole of cabbage Ingredients: -3 eggs, -3 Stol.lozhki mayonnaise -3 Stol.lozhki cream, -3 Stol.lozhki flour -0.5 Tsp baking powder, -0.5 Tsp starch. -Kapusta-300g.

Meat tradesmen in pots.

  You will need: beef / pork, fungi potatoes, hard cheese cream / mayonnaise / sour cream,

Salad with fish and pickles.

Salad with fish and pickles. Canned fish to taste (in oil or natural) 1 Bank boiled potatoes 2 pc boiled carrots 1 piece red onion 1 piece boiled eggs 3 pcs pickled cucumbers (or pickled) 2 pcs Refills sour cream, mayonnaise, unsweetened yogurt (in general, to taste)

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