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Cauliflower with cheese and garlic

  Ingredients: Cauliflower — 1 small head Olive oil — 3 tbsp. L. Grated Parmesan — 1 cup Milled garlic — ½ tbsp. L.

Baked eggplant with tomatoes (weight loss)

  Ingredients: Eggplant 2 pcs; Boiled egg 3 pcs; Grated Parmesan 100 g; Cheese skamortsa 200 g;

Vegetable salad with radish

  Vegetable salad with radish turns at the same time light and hearty, it is not difficult to prepare, can be vylazhivat portions layers, or in a salad bowl just mix all the ingredients.   Beetroot — 200 gr. Quail eggs — 6 pcs. Potatoes — 2 pcs. Apple — 1 pc. Radish — 1 […]

Turkey fillet with vegetables, rice noodles and teriyaki saucе

INGREDIENTS: turkey fillet 500 grams pepper 2 pcs. onions 2 heads carrot 1-2 pieces. radish 2/3 pcs. ground black pepper

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