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Zucchini stuffed with meat, with sour cream

  For stuffing the best zucchini to take small. They need to be peeled off, cut off the ends, and clean the seeds with a spoon. After that, rinse, fill with minced meat (meat, cereal, mushroom or vegetable) and fry on all sides on all sides. Then zucchini to put in deep utensils, to pour […]

Eggplants in hot garlic sauce in Chinese

  Elegant, spicy, sharpened snack! Good in hot and cold. In the refrigerator, easy to stand for 3 days, which is very convenient, because you can prepare in advance for the arrival of guests. In the original recipe, Chinese black vinegar is used, but it can be replaced with all of us familiar balsamic vinegar. […]

Cauliflower in batter: step by step recipe

  For 4 servings: Ingredients Red lentils — 120 g Coriander — 1 sprig Sour cream — 120 g Cauliflower — 1 head (about 800 g) Starch — 200 g Egg — 1 pc.

Hot beef goulash

  Share to Facebook Share to Facebook Hot beef goulash Wash meat, cut into slices, fry in vegetable oil, pour boiling water, so that the water covers the meat for two fingers, and simmer on a small fire. Onion peeled, cut into large pieces, peppers washed, cut into pieces and sauteed together with onions in […]

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