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Beetroot soup with cheese and radish

  Beet soup can not fry, and bake in the oven, as well as onions and garlic. Then boil them in a little broth and whisk immersion blender. The soup, of course, will be more tender. To add sharpness to it a little before serving Russian mustard. Cooking time: 50 min. Servings: 4. cooking Difficulty: […]

Beef Meatballs in tomato-vegetable sauce (in multicooker)

  Minced beef — 350g Minced pork — 50g Rice — 2st.l. Onions — 1 piece. Salt and pepper — to taste For the sauce: Onions — 1 piece. Carrots — 1 pc. Tomato paste (tomato sauce) — 1st.l. Flour — 2st.l. Rast. butter Salt, pepper, sugar — to taste In the beef add the […]

Dietary dishes of pumpkin

  1. Pumpkin fritters wind Products: pumpkin — 200 g Egg — 1 piece flour — 4 tablespoons honey — 1 tsp low-fat yogurt — a quarter cup vegetable oil — 1 tsp soda and vanilla breadcrumbs or semolina optional Preparation: Pumpkin rub: a large or fine grater if desired; hammer to squash an egg, […]

Eggplant with chicken and cheese

  Ingredients: Eggplant — 750 g Chicken breast — 550 g Mozzarella cheese — 80 g Sunflower oil — 15 g Onions — 200 g Preparation: 1. Cut the eggplant slices. Season with salt and sprinkle with Italian herbs, put in the oven (180 degrees).

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