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Meat casserole with broccoli and cauliflower

  Preparation time: 25 min. Cooking time: 40 min. Servings: 6. cooking Difficulty: average.

“The Hungarian lecho”

  In general, today lecho may be liquid or thick, spicy or sweet, pure vegetable or meat products, etc. But no matter how many there any recipes lecho, the main one – this dish always get delicious and primordial, even in a very distorted form. You will need: 1 kg of sweet pepper and tomato, […]

Eggplant stuffed in Catalan (Recipe for weight loss)

  Ingredients: Eggplant – 2 pcs Onions – 1 pc Garlic – 3 cloves Tomato – 1 piece Eggs – 2 pcs Olive oil – 30 g Cheese – 100 g Greens – to taste

Super zucchini rolls with chicken

  Ingredients: -molodye courgettes (or zucchini) – 2 pcs .; -file chicken breast – 1 pc .; -chesnok – 2 cloves; -The raw material of solid – 50 g; -Finish paprika sauce (not spicy); -Multiple basil leaves; -hydrochloric, black pepper; -olive oil.

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