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Pumpkin fritters with green peas(Recipe for weight loss)

  * 100 g 93.34 kcal B / M / Y 4.17 / 1.62 / 17.21 * Ingredients: Pumpkin — 500g (grate) Green peas (frozen) — 150g (pour boiling water for 2 minutes, rinse with cold water, not to lose color.) Eggs — 2 pcs Milk or yogurt — 100ml Bow repch — 1pc (sliced) […]

Fish with vegetables baked in milk sauce (low-calorie dish)- Diet food

  1 kg fish fillets (hake, cod, walleye or any other lean fish), 3 tomatoes, 1 large sweet pepper, 2 small pickled cucumbers, 300 ml of milk (1.5% fat) 2 eggs, 1 h. L. mustard, salt, black pepper, parsley (to taste).

Pumpkin cupcakes

  This dish quickly became a favorite in my family. I consider him more a snack than a main dish, although it is possible to apply and as a garnish. Here is the proportions of the original, although I immediately increasing feedings twice. Tavern 300-350 g of clear skin (If necessary), grate, salt, stir and […]

«Cabbage in Guria».

  You will need: — A head of white cabbage, — Beets, — Garlic, — Hot pepper, — Black pepper pepper, — Salt, — Cool boiled water

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