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Stuffed peppers with sauce

  Ingredients: 4 pepper 1 carrot 0,5 tbsp. buckwheat 150 gr. Adyghe cheese Spices (0.5 teaspoon black pepper 0.5 h. l. turmeric, 0.5 tsp. cumin) 1 tsp. salt

Vegetable appetizer beans with vegetables (weight loss)

  To prepare beautiful and delicious, along with the meatless appetizer – not an easy task. Mayonnaise and eggs are not flavored, and the bacon and ham will not wrap. This recipe will solve all problems in one fell swoop thanks to the vegetables of bright colors and white beans! Appetizer beans with vegetables is […]


  Ingredients: zucchini (small) — 1-2 PCs tomatoes — 2-3 PCs. hard cheese — 50 gr. salt, pepper — to taste

Stuffed chicken thighs

  Delicious, original and simple! Boneless chicken thighs -5 PCs., 1 chicken breast with skin and bones, 200 gr. carrots in Korean, a bunch of greens, salt, pepper, paprika, lemon juice(1 tbsp), soy sauce(2 tbsp) The thighs and breast, season with salt and pepper, add the lemon juice and soy sauce. Leave to marinate for […]

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