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.Roast chicken in Russian

  Ingredients: Chicken weighing about 1kg, 400g of onions, 50g of raisins, 50g walnuts, 50g fresh mushrooms, 15g butter, fresh herbs, salt, and black pepper. For the sauce: 25g flour, 400g of sour cream, 25g butter. Preparation: The carcass should be washed, dried, cut into 8 pieces, salt, pepper, fry until soft. Onions to chop […]

Chicken in pita bread

(126 kcal/100 g) A sheet of thin Armenian lavash Baked in foil chicken breast (or just chicken), 100 grams Lettuce Tomatoes, cucumbers Cheese 50 grams Spices, Provence herbs to taste For the filling you will need: 15 grams home, natural yoghurt (can substitute sour cream) 2H.l. soy sauce 3 tbsp adjika (ketchup or any other […]

Chicken stew with tomatoes and peppers

?on 100gramm – 48.3 kcal?B/W/Y – 7.41/0.44/3.24? Ingredients: Chicken fillet – 500 g Tomatoes – 8 PCs Sweet peppers – 3 PCs Salt, pepper – to taste Preparation:

Chicken in Mexican style

I’d like to surprise strange people with unusual and delicious food. The girlfriend suggested a recipe for a chicken in Mexican. In this dish, tomatoes, corn and chili are perfectly matched, besides these ingredients perfectly match the fried chicken. I recommend everyone to cook the most delicious chicken. Take the chicken thighs and fry them […]

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