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Chicken breast baked with rice and vegetables.(low-calorie dish)

  Chicken breast, in golden breaded, baked with aromatic Basmati rice and vegetables — simple preparation of a dish from the usual products, available in the arsenal of each hostess, while not taking much time … everything is simple, fast, and at the same time a delicious dish for the whole family with Children or […]

Chicken with aubergines in Chinese!

  With this chicken recipe with aubergines in Chinese you are provided with an explosion of emotions and incredible taste sensations, bring to your life a little exotic and oriental flavor. And do not be afraid of a little long list of ingredients, because, in fact, in this recipe there is absolutely nothing complicated, it […]

Chicken in mustard sauce with asparagus

  Ingredients: Chicken breasts — 2 pcs. Asparagus — 150 g Cream — 100 m Mustard — 2 tbsp. L. Parsley — 1 tbsp. L.

Chicken breast(weight loss)

  Per 100 grams — 185.8 kcal. B / W / Y 12.7 gr. /11.9 gr. / 7.1 gr. Chicken breast — 370 g. Egg — 50 gr. Wheat flour — 20 gr. Tomato Ketchup — 40 gr. Russian cheese — 55 gr. Cherry tomato — 60 gr.

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