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Chicken in Indonesian with mushrooms

Prepare all the ingredients: pour the shiitake glass of boiling water. Leave to insist. When the mushrooms cool slightly and gradually saturate the water with their wonderful taste, chop the mushrooms. Remove any liquid from the mushrooms. Wash, dry with a kitchen towel and cut the chicken fillet diagonally with respect to the fibers. Pieces […]

Chicken thigh with vegetables

  Ingredients Sage — 6 leaves Butter — 50 g Grated lemon peel — 1 tbsp. L. Bread crumbs — 1 tbsp. L. Chicken legs — 4 pieces Sweet pepper — 4 pods

Delicious chicken in tender sauce — Very tasty and for losing weight

Ingredients: Chicken breast — 4 pcs. Water — 100 ml Lemon — 1 pc. Garlic — 1 pc. Hot pepper — ½ tsp. Red onions — 1 pc.

Chicken breasts in Asian style

  What you need: Chicken breasts — 1 kg Garlic — 2 cloves Honey — 1½ tbsp. L. Soy sauce — 2 tbsp. L.

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