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Chicken stuffed with chickpeas

  In this way not only to marinate chicken, and other meats: whole piece, such as pork. It turns insanely delicious meat. I decided to stuff chickpeas, it turned out amazing. Instead of chickpea can take a pic. Seasonings and their number can vary according to your taste. Ingredients chicken — 1500g tomato paste — […]

Chicken Tabaka

  Cook chicken tobacco can any hostess. That he managed to get ready in half an hour, choose a miniature chickens. And instead of the special media, you can use a pan filled with water. Ingredients chicken (weighing about 500 grams) 1 pc. adjika 2 h. L. sour cream 2 tbsp. l. salt sunflower oil

Recipe chicken

  Fast food — it’s bad, but somehow very tasty, so much so that even a Hollywood movie heroes can not resist the temptation to try the chicken legs and wings from KFC. We regular folk, happy to share this gastronomic impulse. The famous chicken from KFC, you can cook at home. Finally revealed the […]


  Do you want to learn how to cook delicious chicken thighs in a creamy sauce? Try our recipe! Ingredients (3 portions) Butter — 50 g Sour 35% — 1 liter Salt pepper

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