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Fried chicken with sweet pepper — delicious!

  This is a simple and tasty everyday dish, which everyone can cook. In it there is nothing supernatural, but at the same time the chicken lovers will be satisfied. Slightly unusual notes to this dish gives brown sugar with vinegar, which is added at the end of cooking. Keep the recipe for dinner! Ingredients: […]

Chicken, baked in the oven on a can of beer

  Here, in my opinion, is a brilliant recipe: a chicken baked in the oven on a can of beer. Active cooking time — 10 minutes (less, probably, just does not happen), you can cook on the eve of the holiday, and before serving just warm up. And most importantly — very, very tasty. I […]

Chicken fillet, baked with tomato

For 100grams — 103.9 kcal B / W / Y — 16.71 / 2.67 / 2.16 Ingredients: 2 pcs chicken fillet 2 pcs tomato 20 g hard cheese 1 tbsp soy sauce 1 tbsp olive oil Black pepper, Provan herbs to taste

Super-fried chicken cutlet with oat flakes

  For what I like chicken cutlets with oat flakes, it’s because even from such dietary meat as chicken fillet, they are very juicy. After all, unfortunately, many dishes from the chicken are a bit dryish, but this is not the recipe! Try it, you will definitely like it! If you want to cook lamb […]

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