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Terrine of chicken liver with apples.

  For fans of chicken liver, which already tired delicious, but the usual pie and braised liver. It is also a good option for the holiday table instead purchase meats to make their meat a delicacy! In the basket: — chicken liver — 800 g-1 kg — 1 large onion — 2 cloves of garlic […]

Chicken Tabaka (tapaka)

  Chickens tobacco (Tanaka) — it’s something unreal. We have three consecutive days preparing them for this recipe. Products Chicken — 600-700 g Salt-coarse Black pepper Spicy red pepper Garlic — 4-6 cloves Basil


  Ingredients (for 5-6 rolls): 5-6 pieces chicken fillet 150 gr. — cottage cheese 80 gr. — cheese 2 cloves — garlic salt toothpicks Preparation:

Baked chicken fillet with cottage cheese (weight loss)

. One of the most successful recipes for chicken fillet. Fast, tasty, unusual. Try it On 100 gr — 98.98 kcal proteins — 19.55 fats — 1.48 carbohydrates — 0.63 The filling can be different: cottage cheese with herbs, ricotta with spinach or soft curd cheese with dried tomatoes. 3 chicken fillets 110gr of cottage […]

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