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Chicken cutlets with mushrooms (120 calories)- Delicious for losing weight

  Ingredients: chicken fillet 350-400 g fresh mushrooms 200-250g onion (optional) egg 1-2 PCs low-fat yogurt 2-3 tbsp starch (corn)1 tbsp. dill (dry)

Casserole with chicken fillet and vegetables

  (116 Kcal per 100g) — frozen cauliflower 400g — frozen green beans 400g — chicken breast without skin (cooked pulp about 300g) — 1 onion — 1 carrot cream 10% 200g

Low-calorie Chicken cutlets with broccoli

  To 100g. product: Kcal: 81,3 Ingredients: -400g fillet of korogridas; -egg whites 1 piece; -broccoli 200g; -salt, spices to taste. Method of preparation:

Chicken Breasts in sour cream,yummy :) and dietary!

— 100g/86 kcal — Potatoes 7 pieces Chicken breast 3 pieces Onions 1 head Sour cream to taste Ketchup to taste Salt to taste Ground black pepper to taste

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