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Chicken French in multivarka

Chicken French in multivarka   Ingredients: Chicken fillet — 4 pieces Tomatoes — 2 pieces Onions — 0.5 Stucki Cheese — 100 grams Sour cream — 2 tbsp. spoons Salt — 1 tsp Pepper — 0.5 teaspoons Water — 4 tbsp. spoons

Salad of chicken gizzards

Salad of chicken gizzards   500 gr.zheludkov boil until tender (do not digest!) With lavr.listom, 400gr.morozhennyh mushrooms and fry them with onions (3 pcs.) fungi can take and more 2 large carrots grate on the Korean grater and fry in rast.masle until half,

Salad with smoked breast

Salad with smoked breast   Ingredients: 4-5 small potatoes 5 eggs 1 smoked breast 2-3 small carrots 150 g of cheese 1 small head of onions, just 3 cm in diameter

Chicken cutlets in batter

Chicken cutlets in batter   This is a fairly simple recipe. Philae will juicy, tender, as the batter is used, which is well envelops chops. Yet it is possible to put garlic seasoning. Chicken chops certainly not for very young children, but the kiddies from 3 years they fit. Especially if you want to prepare […]

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