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Festive roast chicken Mexican

  Mexican cuisine offers a wide variety of recipes that suit not only every day, but on the holiday table. I suggest you make a chicken pot pie recipe cuisine of Chiapas. The recipe is simple, everyone. Servings 4 INGREDIENTS 1.5 kg. chicken 0,5 EA. onion


  A small number of products used for this dish, give an astounding result that break away from this chicken casserole is simply impossible. In this recipe, I share recipes for such casseroles with chicken, from where you will be delighted! Tender chicken, cream, mushroom flavor, soaked all these potatoes – the casserole is really […]

Delicate chicken meat in a crispy puff pastry.

  Ingredients: 250 g of flour 100 g of oil 700 g of chicken (2 legs) 200 g of onion Yolk for greasing Sesame for sprinkling (optional) salt pepper Samsa is a very popular dish of Central Asian cuisine.

Chicken breast with vegetables and cottage cheese for dinner (weight loss)

  Ingredients: Chicken breast 1,5 pcs. Cottage cheese skimmed 200 g Green peas frozen 150 g

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