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CUTLETS minced chicken with cabbage stewed in tomatoes

  Ingredients: Minced chicken (better half — fillet + red chicken) — 350 g; White cabbage (chopped) — 70-80 g; Egg — 1 pc; Baton white — 3 scrap .; Salt, sugar, spices, black pepper (to taste); Semolina — 2 tbsp .; Fresh Tomatoes — 2 pcs; Onions (in minced — 1 piece in the […]

Hot sandwiches.

  When there is no time to prepare full meals, you can use recipe for hot sandwiches. All ingredients are practically in any refrigerator. And you can just put on the table as an appetizer. For the preparation of hot sandwiches in the oven you will need: loaf; smoked sausage; cheese; a tomato; greenery; onions […]

The idea for the festive table (Dish for Christmas)

    Ingredients: Cream cheese — 200 grams Garlic — 2 cloves Mayonnaise — 2 teaspoons Pitted Olives — 50-70 Grams Paprika Powdered — 15-20 Grams Leaflets for decor

OPTIONS appetizers on skewers — Top 10 simple ideas (Christmas)

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