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Snack DUCT

  You will need: puff pastry 200-250 g minced chicken 200 g 50 g cheese onion 1 piece. sun-dried tomatoes to taste

Sandwich with lightly salted salmon and beet SALAD

  Ingredients: Beet boiled — 1-2 pieces Garlic — 1 clove Cheese grated on a fine grater — 2 tablespoons Salt — to taste Mayonnaise — Refills


  Ingredients hard cheese — 200 g cream or cream cheese — 150 g Garlic — 1-2 cloves salt to taste raw or cooked carrots — for decoration cloves or pepper — to decorate

Snack bags made of puff pastry

  Ingredients: ready flaky dough without yeast (fresh puff) chicken breast greenery cheese Champignon onion The ratio of the taste products.

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