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FESTIVE APPETIZER “Bells” Ingredients: 100 gr. sausage or ham, 50g. cheese (instead of cheese, you can use salted fat cottage cheese), 1-2 carrots, clove garlic, mayonnaise favorite.

HOLIDAY canapes with sausage

HOLIDAY canapes with sausage Ingredients: Baguette, cream cheese, lettuce, cherry tomatoes – 400 gr., Boiled sausage – 300 g.

Canape with herring

Canape with herring #delicious snacks #recipes for tasty snacks #What to cook for Christmas #Holiday snacks On the brown bread can be spread: “Dill” butter (softened butter to rub with chopped dill, 50 g butter – 1 tablespoon green)


SNACK “ON CHIPS” #delicious snacks #recipes for tasty snacks #What to cook for Christmas Ingredients: 100 g of cheese 300 g tomatoes herbs to taste 2 cloves garlic mayonnaise potato chips (wide) olives (for decoration)

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