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A selection of sandwiches for the holiday table

1. Fast sandwiches with cod liver Ingredients: – Cod liver oil 2 jars 100 gr – Eggs, 3-4 pieces – Grated cheese, the number of optional – mayonnaise – French loaf – 2 cloves of garlic – dill – Green onions for decoration

Christmas carp Czech

Christmas carp Czech #hot dishes from fish #recipes for fish dishes #What to cook for Christmas Carp (1.3 kg) – 1 piece Mushrooms – 150 g Onions – 1 pc Lemon – 1/2 pieces Butter (melted) – 70 g

EGGS stuffed with salmon

EGGS stuffed with salmon Ingredients (filling): 60 g. Philadelphia cream cheese type (room temperature) 3 tbsp 10-15% of cream (milk can) 1 st.l.ukropa (finely chopped) St.l.zelenogo 1 onion (chives if any) finely chopped salt to taste ch.perets 200 gr. salted (smoked) salmon (sliced ​​thin)

squid Stuffed

squid Stuffed #delicious snacks #recipes for tasty snacks #What to cook for Christmas #Holiday snacks Ingredients: 4 squid carcass, pre-cleaned 6 medium eggs 300 grams of mushrooms a small bunch of dill 150 g of a semisolid cheese salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

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