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Ham roll with FILLING

  INGREDIENTS: ● Thin slices of ham — 12-14 pieces; ● Egg — 2 pcs; ● cheese «Russian» — 70 grams; ● large pickled cucumber — 1 piece; ● Mayonnaise — 2 tbsp .; ● Garlic — 2-3 cloves; ● dill — 2 sprigs; ● parsley for decoration; ● salt, ground black pepper.

Sandwiches — cheap and very tasty

  Ingredients: -long loaf -yaytsa -garlic -bulb -mayonnaise butyric frying onions -Green, salt Preparation: Cut French bread and prizharivaem them in a pan or toaster (it better). Rub the garlic cloves with the two sides.

Hot sandwiches

  Ingredients: -1 egg -1st.l. mayonnaise -1ch.l. tomato paste -1 Sausage (or sausage that you like) -a piece of cheese -bread Preparation: This super-express recipe! the case-if the guests descended suddenly and require a pizza and a beer, and you have neither the one nor the other,) While the guests running for the beer itself […]

BANQUET SNACK puff pastry.

  Here such here a festive, cocktail party appetizer of puff pastry can be prepared very simply and quickly. You get a real culinary masterpiece, but still very tasty. Stuffing in those shells you can put any in its sole discretion, but for now get acquainted with the recipe preparation and the process of molding […]

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