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Salad "Royal".

Salad “Royal”.   This salad is very hearty and tasty. We spread layers promazyvaya mayonnaise. -3 Boiled potatoes cut into cubes,

Cake-mousse "currant mood"

Cake-mousse “currant mood” #recipes of delicious cakes with photo   Ingredients: Eggs – 3 pcs. sugar – 8 tablespoons + 100 g Flour – 8 tablespoons baking powder – 10 g Water – 5 tbsp condensed milk – 170 g

Salad "Pearl"

Salad “Pearl”   Ingredients: Eggs boiled 5 -7 pcs salted salmon 200g Orange 1 piece 2-3 tbsp olive or 15-17 pieces cheese 60 gr red salmon caviar for decoration

Beautiful fish dish

Beautiful fish dish

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