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    Ingredients: 3 g dry yeast 200 ml water 250 g flour 2 tsp — sugar

Potatoes baked in foil🍜🔥

  Tired of roast potatoes? Offer potatoes in foil, baked in the oven. Also, this potato recipe for when you want to bake potatoes on the coals. Ingredients Potatoes 6 PCs Onion 1 piece Smoked bacon 50 grams Foil food 1 PCs


  Ingredients: Chicken fillet — 400 g Potatoes — 2-3 PCs Cheese — 100 g Mushrooms — 3 PCs Tomato — 1 piece Mayonnaise Seasoning

Potatoes, stewed with meat (as in d/a garden)

  Ingredients: Beef — 400-600 gr Peeled potatoes — 1 kg ( Qty does not matter). It is better to take the variety of potato that has the ability to soft after boiling, ie loose) 1 onion 1 carrot 1 tsp flour 1 ripe pomodorino or 1 tsp Tom. pasta ( without both)

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