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"Potatoes with hunting sausages"

«Potatoes with hunting sausages» #potato recipes #cook dinner + potatoes + quick and tasty #delicious recipes + birthday + Photo #What to cook for Christmas Ingredients: — potatoes — Hunting sausage — carrot — tomato paste — garlic — salt — pepper — carnation

The most delicious baked potatoes in the oven

The most delicious baked potatoes in the oven #delicious main dishes Recipes with photos #What to cook for Christmas #how to cook delicious potatoes in the oven #how to cook delicious potatoes #it is possible to prepare delicious potato #out what to cook potatoes and tasty fast + #courses + potato Ingredients: 2 tablespoons softened […]


#POTATOES STUFFED #delicious main dishes Recipes with photos Items needed for cooking potatoes stuffed: large potatoes — 10 — 12 pcs., sour cream — 150 grams. Garlic — 2 — 4 cloves,

Meatballs in potato baskets!

Meatballs in potato baskets! Required: 4-5 potatoes; 1 tbsp. Spoon flour; 300 g mixed minced meat; 1 onion; 2 tbsp. spoons of boiled rice; 2 eggs (1 — in the potato, 1 — in the stuffing); 100 g of grated cheese; Cherry tomatoes; salt, spices; parsley.

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